The Swordsman 2

The Swordsman Hop-Jumping an Ice Minion in "The Swordsman 2"


The Swordsman Film Series==

The SwordsmanEdit

The Swordsman was a 1:29 Film made on July 28th, 2010 by YouTuber Drake Lester. This is the debut film of The Swordsman. In this The Swordsman is surrounded by 3 Rock People. He takes out his swords and lands on a lower floor, where he fights the 3. Then a boulder lands behind him and 2 Rock People come out. The Swordsman quickly stabs one and attacks the other in slow motion, in which he slices open the other rock person's head and cuts through his body, breaking him apart. He then stabs his swords into the ground and uses them to push himself across the floor. Then 3 Rock People form 1 giant rock person, in which he fights and kills, until a boulder lands on him. Survivng, he gets out of the boulder and 8 rock people come out. In which he fights, kicks, stabs, and blasts all of them until the Ice People Drop, in which is left to The 2nd Installment

The Swordsman 2Edit

The Swordsman 2 was a 1:38 Film made on August 3rd, 2010 by YouTuber Drake Lester. This is the 2nd installment of The Swordsman. It starts out with showing the words on-screen "When we last saw The Swordsman" and it has a 25-Second-Act of the first 25 seconds of the first installment, making the animation really 1:13. Then it repos to The Swordsman running for an Ice Minion, in which a gate forms. So When the Ice Minion is on his tail, he kicks on the gate and backflips over the Ice Person (Seen in the Stop-Shot above) until a bullet comes and blasts the ice person into the gate. A bunch of bullets come towards the swordsman (only seen for a micro-second) so he sticks a sword in a bullet but it explodes on his sword, exploding other bullets around it, and resulting in a 60 ft high, 30 ft wide explosion consuming The Swordsman, Seemingly Killing Him. In a short time befor this when the explosion surrounds him he is seen kneiling and bringing his head up as the explosion blasts, showing hes surrendering himself. Once a Half-Robot Half-Man person is show to shoot these bullets, this man leaves off to his base, but The Swordsman comes out full of debree and dust coughing and getting up. After wiping all the debree off him he puts his swords in his back. It backflashes ahead of time to when this Half-Robot-Man (Simply called Robot-Man) gets a package. The Robot-Man has 3 arms on one arm and 1 on the other. He uses one of his three arms to open the box, in which an arm pulls him in. As soon as he lands in the bottom of the box (for he had shrunk on his way down) the person to bring him in is revealed as The Swordsman and he sticks his sword into Robot-Man's Gun (which is his 3 arms transformed) and then he blasts off using tiny jet thrusters in his swords. When Robot-Man goes to blast him up, The bullet is not launched, his gun sparks up, and makes him explode. The Swordsman crashes out of the box, goes back to normal size, and when he hears the box exploding, he boosts up using his Thrusters in his Swords as the Box explodes, killing Robot-Man.

The Swordsman 3Edit

The Swordsman 3 is an upcoming 2 minuite film as the last installment of the Swordsman Film Series. It will be released December 2010. It will take place directly after the events of The Swordsman 2.