The Swordsman in his Debut Film


The Swordsman is a character in YouTuber Drake Lester's bag of series characters. He is a Pivot Stickfigure.


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The Swordsman is a Swordsman created by Drake Lester in 2010 and was posted on his YouTube Channel in July of 2010. His YouTube Channel got a little popular for its debut film. The Fighting Styles were actual fighting styles of swordsman attacks and kung fu attacks. The Swordsman made his debut film in the video made by Drake Lester, simply named "The Swordsman". In August 2010 he posted "The Swordsman 2" which followed right off of where The Swordsman took place. The Swordsman's next appearence will be in an animation that will be released mid-August 2010 called "Kung Fu Fighting feat. The Swordsman". This has more focus on a class of Stickfigure Kung Fu Artists that are using real Tai Chi and Northern Shaolin moves along with Hung Gar and in the process of the shots The Swordsman and other famous stickfigures of Drake's show up along the way. The Swordsman only makes 2 appearances at different points of the 3:04 film. Drake improvs: "The Swordsman Character does not have a specific name and will never have one. Its simply implied The Swordsman. I dont see him as Evil I see him as a Savior. In his debut a bunch of Rock People surrounded him attacking him. His design is just like any other stickfigure until he takes out his swords. He does not like to fight but whenever the time comes that he needs to he does. This is shown in The Swordsman 2 where hes actually running from the Ice People."

The Swordsman will make his last appearance in "Kung Fu Fighting 2 feat. The Swordsman" in Mid-April 2011. He will make his last center-lime light appearence in "The Swordsman 3" In Mid-December 2010. "Kung Fu Fighting 3" will be entitled "Kung Fu Fighting 3 feat. Rushbot", a transformer Drake made in 2009 as a test-stickfigure for his first animations. This character made his first public appearance in the animation "The Huge Fight"